Sunday, December 14, 2008

Eating on the roof?? Easy!!

In Ancient Egypt, most wealthy people went to a religious service before the three main meals. It would be hard for me to do that because it would take up time. Although, if it took up part of school... that's a totally different story! Ordinary people often cooked and ate their meals on the roofs of their houses, protected from the sun by a linen sheet on poles!(because, you know, sunscreen wasn't invented yet!) People ate their main meal in the cool evening, quite like us. In ordinary families, the cooking was done by the housewife.(like always!!) In larger households, they employed servants to work in the kitchen and a chef -usually a man (at last!!)- to do the cooking.


  1. Ha ha that'd be interesting to see a MAN do the cooking, lol. (Since in most civilizations a woman does it...) That's....interesting that they ate on rooftops...I might have to try that sometime!!

  2. ha my dad does all the cooking... and hes a good "chef" ... whats wrong with a woman cooking all the time if thats what SHE WANTS TO DO not if she doesnt want to do she shouldnt have to