Thursday, December 11, 2008

STONE- In bread? How deprived!

There were many types and shapes of bread made with flour from different mixes of grain. The flour was made by crushing the grain and shaking off the outside husks.The grain was then ground between two stones. The flour had little pieces of stone in it from the grinding. YUCK!! So the bread wore away the Egyptians' teeth! In my opinion, I wouldn't ever eat bread with stone in it! Okay, so maybe I would if that was my only food and I was STARVING. Besides that, though, it would be very disgusting and UNappealing. Anyway... The bread was then baked in pairs of cone-shaped pots placed together to form mini-ovens. Pretty cool!

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  1. They had mini-ovens?? Ha ha that's super awwwwesome!! :D Lol I probably wouldn't eat the bread with stone in it either. Talk about eww...